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As a minority owned and operated Architecture Firm based in the Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia area since 1995, DKMB & Associates has been creating stunning and aesthetically pleasing  designs for our clients. Our completed building types include: apartment units, condo units, retail stores, barber and hair salons, food service, places of worship, micro breweries, shipping container repurposing, medical offices, general offices, house renovations, home additions, new residential, cultural facilities, and automotive repair shops to name a few. Please touch base to learn more about our work and what we can do for you.


Highlighted Projects

Discover Our Architecture

When we are commissioned for a design and construction project, here at DKMB & Associates, we delve into all possible solutions to produce an appropriate final result. We’re passionate about creating designs that will meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Take a look at three highlighted projects: First, Farmacy Brewery, which allowed us to incorporate the beautiful existing landscape into the overall scheme of the architecture. Second, True Wellness Dispensary, which allowed us to revamp an existing retail stand-alone structure into a medical dispensary, part of the growing cannabis industry in the State of Maryland. Third, Connex Snack Box, which allowed us to transform an old and rusted out shipping container into a productive Break and Rest Area for workers on a large scale utility project.

Farmacy Brewery

A Micro Brewery located on a beautiful and fully functional farm in Baltimore County, Maryland. This adaptive reuse project transforms an existing agricultural structure into a Micro Brewery with a Taproom, Brewery Area, ADA Restrooms, and Miscellaneous Spaces. An interesting architectural feature is the inclusion off three (3) Overhead Rolling Sectional Doors, which allow patrons and visitors to experience the dynamic farm setting. When in the area, we encourage you to stop by an experience and enjoy the natural setting. Contact us to learn more about this incredible project.

True Wellness Dispensary

A Cannibas Medical Dispensary located in Aberdeen, Maryland. This stand-alone building project was a conversion of a former retail space. For the change of use, demolition was required for some of the interior wall systems, floor coverings, and door assemblies. On the exterior, the existing window assemblies, existing canopy, and existing signage were all removed. New architectural programming included a Lobby, Reception Area, Waiting Area, Consultation Area, Retail & Sales Area, ADA Restrooms, and additional ancillary spaces. If cannabis is your thing, we encourage you to visit this dispensary next time you are in the Aberdeen area. Contact us to learn more about this interesting project.

Connex Snack Box

An old and unused Shipping Container was converted into a Temporary Building Structure and located in Brandywine, Prince George's County, Maryland. The purpose was to provide a break area in protected from the elements shelter for construction workers on a large multi-year project. Architectural Programming for this completed project included two doors, three windows, FRP ceilings and walls, plywood panel flooring, a self contained heating and cooling unit, multiple vending machines, six light fixtures, and a host of other requirement items. This Temporary Structure provided the workers with their must needed Break Area. Contact us to learn more about this reuse project.

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On the Architect's Drawing Board

Check Out Our Current Design Work in Progress

Presently, we have several projects on the boards and in various stages of design. Projects such as an Adaptive Reuse of an existing structure into a small Worship Center and a Tenant Fitout for a new Bakery.


Worship Center Conversion

A Worship Center located in Baltimore County, Maryland. Once completed, this small Adaptive Reuse project will include spaces for a Sanctuary, Pulpit, ADA Restrooms, Vestibule, and additional spaces for a small congregation. Contact us to learn more about this project in the works.


Bakery Tenant Fitout

A Tenant Fitout project that will convert a previously used retail occupancy into a Bakery and located in Montgomery County, Maryland. Once completed, the space will contain a Waiting/Seating Area, Counter Checkout Area, Food Service Equipment, ADA Restroom, Offices, Storage, MEP Upgrades, and Janitorial Closet. Contact us to learn more about this in progress project.


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Get in touch with Architect | DKMB & Associates to learn more about our services. DKMB & Associates is a minority owned and operated Architecture Firm providing professional architectural services in Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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